An Open Letter to Trump Voters


 Dear Trump Voters,

You won. You achieved your victory. Congratulations. But, do you know what else you just did? You have handed over our country’s dignity to a man of little value. You have added him to our history books FOREVER so that the future can look at us with shame. You have given this man with the eloquence of a bratty toddler a voice to speak for all of us on the world’s stage. You have given him access to the nuclear codes and ALL of our secrets.

In essence, you just fucked up the work and sacrifice and bloodshed that so many people gave to make this country great. And you ruined the hopes and dreams we all shared for our collective futures.

YOU DID THIS. And, for what?! To make America a reality show with no credence?! To set us back four hundred years?! To tell our ancestors to fuck off?! To tell our children that we never cared, anyway?!

You thought this was a message of resistance. One of fighting back. Waging war with the establishment. Instead, it’s a war on decency, common sense and valor. And it’s a war on the American dream.

You are not patriots. You are the very reason we will slide lower on the rungs of credibility. You are the reason our society will further degrade itself to a point of no recognition. You are the reason we will fail. YOU! Because you placed the power of our nation into the tiny hands of an orange buffoon.

If you are truly proud of this moment, if you woke up this morning feeling good about your choices and didn’t feel remotely ashamed of your decision, then I wish you well as you ride this delusional high. But, know this – you have just thrust the rest of us into a four-year nightmare. And America will have a darn near impossible time ever being great again.


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Trump Voters

  1. Sorry but I can’t agree with you. As a mother, I care about children, even from conception. If you think Hillary does, you need to look a lot deeper. Thank God I can breath now knowing we will not have radically pro-abort Justices in the Supreme Court. It’s a lot more than what you think it is. You are looking at appearances and what the media has told you over true substance. The country is in a much better position now. I was going to say I can’t follow you anymore, but I’m still going to follow you. I like everything else you’ve said, and like many of my liberal friends, you’ve been led to believe this by the media, so I can’t blame you. Love ❤️ and peace ✌️ to you.

    1. Dear Rachel,
      It might surprise you but I have always been a Conservative Republican (not a Liberal Democrat, as you may assume). And I am staunchly pro-life, at that. However, this is not a team sport for me and I do not vote for someone simply because they have attached an (R) next to their name. There is more to this Presidency (and any other) than just one issue. Despite my own belief that abortion is an unethical process, it is a fight that cannot be won by a person who only a few years ago believed it was a “personal choice that should be left to the women and their doctors.” Those were his words.

      Some say he changed his mind based on some miraculous happening. Right. A happening which just coincidentally occurred at the same time that he started to campaign for the Presidency. Don’t you think that’s a tad interesting?! What it is called is manipulation. And, yes, the Clintons are also masterful in this way, too…but, this many years later, we know their moves and they are much easier to predict.

      Instead of the “Devil you know,” we just elected the “Devil we don’t know.” Is that seriously better? Some think so. Apparently you are one of them. But here are the facts that I used to base my decision (I hope you have a minute):

      -Trump has no respect for women. Not even his wives (he has had three). Access Hollywood tapes spell out part of the picture. His other tweets and comments fill in the rest. Not to mention, he was an abusive husband to Ivana. He is a cheater. And a serial divorcer. And an open misogynist. And he thinks it’s okay to grab a “p*ssy” just because he’s “famous.” Women are mere objects, not worthy of respect. And in this day and age to be such a Neanderthal is just sad.

      -Trump has no respect for the military or the men and women who have served for our country. He called John McCain out saying that he wasn’t a real hero because he got captured. He tweeted how women who get sexually assaulted in the military were to blame for being there in the first place. And, rather than serve in Vietnam, he had his rich Daddy pay to get him out on a medical dispensation because a doctor claimed he had bone spurs in his foot. Don’t ask him which one, though. He can’t remember.

      -He was the only person running for the Presidency who refused to release his tax returns. Was it because he isn’t worth as much as he claims? Or because he didn’t give as much (or any) to charity as he stated? We will never know. But, how’s that for transparency?!

      -We do know that he lost a billion (with a B) dollars and, because of that, hasn’t paid income tax for the past two decades. And apparently that billion wasn’t even his own money – it was borrowed from another source, but he took the full deduction. So, I’m curious, is it the welfare queens who are the “takers”….or this guy?!

      -How many business has he let fall into ruin? Countless. For everything from Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, the Trump Network, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, the Tour de Trump, Trump University and the New Jersey Generals. Not to mention six bankruptcies for his casinos. Six! How does that happen with a casino?! I thought the house always won… Apparently not when Trump is at the helm.

      -He has no tact. He has no sense of diplomacy. And he can barely string together a sentence while sounding halfway intelligent. I know his Daddy, aside from giving him a “small” $1 million loan and getting him out of Vietnam, also bought his “business” degree from Wharton…but, when he did so, he did him a great disservice. Making up words like “braggodocious” and “bigly” would be fine…if he were Shakespeare. But, he is not. Heck, I don’t even think he could name a single one of his plays. But, don’t let that stop him from telling you “I know words, I have the best words.” (Actual quote)

      -Trump has abused our court system repeatedly by filing over 3,500 lawsuits. That’s truly the bully pulpit! And a waste of tax dollars. Tax dollars he isn’t paying into…

      -Trump has consistently failed to pay small business owners who have performed services for him just because he doesn’t want to pay. And he knows he can out-litigate them. Again, a bully move!

      -Does anyone else think he should get some help for his sociopathic narcissism?! I do! As a big fan of folks trying to better themselves, it would be nice for him to look inward and work on his internal flaws. But, how will that ever happen when he always thinks he is the best at everything despite evidence to the contrary?! He knows how to fight war better than any of our Generals. He knows the Bible better than anyone. In fact, his book (that he didn’t even really write, by the way) is the second best-selling book of all time, next to the Bible. Only, I’ve never even seen it on anyone’s bookshelf…including our local libraries. But, of course, only he, Donald J. Trump, knows how to fix our entire government. The whole thing. Yeah. Sure. You know who else had a similar mental health crisis and thought the very same sorts of things? Hitler. And Stalin. And Caligula. Good company.

      And I could go on. I could talk about his anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant stances on social policies. How wasting money on a Mexican wall is ridiculous. How our resources deporting millions of immigrants would be better spent improving our schools and our roads. Or how even talking about “bombing the sh*t” out of the Middle East may not be the best way to go about protecting our country from ISIS. Or the issue of his budding bromance with Putin. Or the fact that he will have his finger on the nuclear code.

      I want desperately to go on. But, I won’t. Because I have a house to clean and kids to take care of and work (yes, real work) to do. But that’s something Trump won’t ever know about, even though most of his voters do.

      It’s a shame that, once again, hard-working average people got duped into believing that a rich elite bully with white privilege, who wouldn’t so much as look at them in real life, would actually do anything to benefit their situations. The only one who will ever benefit from the work done by Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Period. The rest of us will just be lucky to come out of this unscathed.

      I want to thank you for sharing your side. I also thank you for reading mine. Following this post, I will resume my musings on motherhood since that’s really where my head lies. Most of the time. Thank goodness this election season is at its close. I, too, wish you love and peace!

  2. Thank you for your response. I guess we just have to see what will happen and hope for the best. Yes, he absolutely is an egotistical, grandiose, narcissist and has said some dumb, offensive things. However, I am hoping he is sincere about defunding the eugenic Planned Parenthood, upholding religious freedom, being a true ally to Israel, cutting taxes for the middle class, only deporting immigrants that are illegal and participate in violent / criminal activity, building a wall in areas where really needed (e.g., where drug cartel and gang activity is very high; he didn’t mean the whole border), etc. I am hoping that he is humbled by his responsibility and now will be more presidential. I pray he will do all of these things. (On a side note, he actually is the most pro-LGBT republican candidate we have ever seen.) But again, we’ll see…. There is Congress for checks and balances at least. And I didn’t know you were Pro-Life – I knew I liked you for some reason! 😉

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