Donald Trump: 7 Ways He Is A Role Model (For What I Don’t Want My Kids To Be)


Very rarely does one person embody an entire package of parental lectures. Most people, despite their flaws, offer something positive to the landscape of humanity. At very least, a small morsel of goodness for which an objective person could reason “they aren’t all bad.” Usually.

But then we have Donald Trump. He’s a person whose existence I choose to ignore simply because he has no bearing on my daily life. I don’t live in Manhattan. I don’t gamble. I don’t support beauty pageants. And I don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice.

However, now that he is entering into a new venture – running for President of the United States (gag!) – Trump is standing front and center on the national stage of thought. And the idea, just the mere notion of his holding office, is a terrifying possibility…especially as a mom. But, all fear aside, I can say very truly that he has now become a role model in our house – a role model for what I don’t want my kids to be. And these are just a few reasons why:

1) He’s A Bully

Lawsuits are sometimes necessary; but, the overuse of the legal system is just a formal, privileged way of being a bully. And, as we have all seen, Donald Trump is the king of the bullies! So small is his own (fill in the blank) that he has felt the repeated need to abuse our legal system. And, for what?! Someone said he was a “millionaire” rather than a “billionaire.” Someone made a joke about his parentage. A media outlet decided to no longer show his pointless beauty pageant or reality show.

If I were his mother, I would tell him what I tell my own kids – “Deal with it! Not everyone is going to like you, but don’t give them more of a reason to dislike you! Instead of being a bully, just walk away. Be the better person.” But, I guess, first you have to be a better person.

2) He Has an Entitlement Complex

There are many aspects to an entitlement complex, not the least of which could be the hallmark notion of one person having priority over others. Living at the expense of others. Stepping on others to get to the top. Craving attention. Asserting dominance. Failing to negotiate or compromise. Not being concerned about hurting or offending others. Even going so far as to punish people through verbal abuse and torment if they don’t do what you want them to do. In other words, going to any length to succeed in life. And whining until you “win.” Classic case. Classically vain. Classically Trump!

3) He Has No Sense of Reality

The problem with having everyone around you too well-paid or too afraid to tell you the truth is that you grow up totally lacking in reality. “Yes, sir. No, sir. You’re right, sir.” Those were probably the only words he has ever received from another person, yet they are totally hollow and ineffectual in creating an authentic human experience. That doesn’t exactly prepare a person for dealing with the real world.

4) He Has No Personal Filter

Opinions are like….bellybuttons. We all have them. But, seriously, this guy has no filter for his. Somewhere along the way, he fell under the misguided delusion that everyone, everywhere, should be lucky enough to hear his nuggets of “wisdom.” So he spews these delicious gems freely in the direction of any idle ear. As most could guess, this behavior is a byproduct of that entitlement complex. Because he has always been surrounded by sycophants, he’s never been punched in the face or told to shut the “front door.” As a result, he has been bred without any sort of social graces that would be befitting to a president…or any human being!

5) He Is Disloyal

Divorce. Divorce. And, future divorce. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are certain circumstances that allow for this life-change. And I don’t fault people for finding their bliss. But, come one…three marriages?! What happened to the concept of making it work?! Perhaps that’s only a concept for those of us who actually work.

6) He’s A Cheater

He isn’t self-made. All of his fortune (or at least the pivotal part which formed his early nest-egg) was handed to him. Literally. And how hard would it be to become a millionaire (billionaire?) after being given millions in investment properties…in Manhattan?! Not to discredit the authentic nature of his idiocy, but a person would have to be pretty dumb! It is so very unimpressive that he merely took some golden thread and spun a golden cloth. Big whoop. At best, it is a tepid reminder of “Richie Rich” building golden towers that go nowhere for people who won’t remember them. And, to top it all off, when these golden towers go asunder (as his history shows they often do), he simply cheats his way out of debt by filing for bankruptcy – a cowardly way to reboot your financial system.

7) He’s Rude

McCain isn’t a war hero? Obama doesn’t have an American birth certificate? Megyn Kelly has blood in her eyes? Sheesh! And that’s only a few of the clean insults! If this ruffian had been raised rather than hatched, he would have learned a few wise words that the rest of us know – “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But, after removing the vile quips, what else would there be for Trump to talk about? After all, he doesn’t really know much about…anything. Except tantrums. And trophy wives. Or bad hair. Maybe even a failed venture or two (or three or four). However, anything pertaining to or assisting with diplomacy is far, far out of his league. Not exactly the person we want to have talk with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un!

With all of these terrible traits, it would be prudent to worry about what our country could be in for if he wins. However, maybe I’m just a silly optimist, but I still believe in the good of people and the prevalence of common sense. And I believe that Trump will fail. At least, that’s what I’m voting for.